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Have you guys been following the Great Jay Leno Monologue NBC Joke Feud of 2013? God, I hope you haven't been. One downfall of having a job for which you have to closely follow the goings-on in pop…   Read Story »
There are only a couple of weeks left of 2012. The holiday season is in full swing. Students are home from school. People at work are slowly checking out. Everyone's blood is 40% egg nog. We're…   Read Story »
Oh my god, look at how DISGUSTING Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré look in their bathing suits on this beach while filming Mad Men! So gross. Cover up, you guys. Literally NO ONE wants to see what either…   Read Story »
Aaron Paul was on the Tonight Show last night to talk about Breaking Bad, being nominated for a second Emmy, being a young weirdo on The Price Is Right, being beautiful, etc.   Read Story »
Louis C.K. was on Leno last night. You can also buy tickets for his new stand-up tour through his website. PROMISE FULFILLED ONCE AGAIN.   Read Story »
Conan appeared as a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman last night for the first time in 13 years. This clip is all that remains to tell the tale.   Read Story »
Jay Leno really got the tone of the discussion right and asked some surprisingly hard-hitting questions just kidding!   Read Story »
Last night during his appearance on The Tonight Show, President Obama finally addressed the Kardashian issue, admitting that he's never even SEEN the show. Oh, brother. This guy.   Read Story »
This is a pretty big day for the Obama administration, but it's quite possibly an even BIGGER day for Jay Leno (no it is not). He will inevitably address the death of Osama Bin Laden during his…   Read Story »
Last night, Lindsay Lohan made a "surprise" appearance on The Jay Leno Show to talk about her most recent incarceration and all of her legal troubles in general and also to talk about the 10,000…   Read Story »