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[Originally posted on May 12th, 2009, a faraway time when, Lindsay would like me to point out, the "R" word, which Lindsay would like me to apologize for her use of, was not widely considered…   Read Story »
I was in the car yesterday evening when I heard on NPR's All Things Considered that James Gandolfini died, and I finally got it. While I still think that on-line eulogies in general are the absolute…   Read Story »
I am still really supporting our Internet Hero in my heart and in my mind, even though it has been a few days since his video blew up the web, which in web time is roughly 34 weeks. I LOVE YOU, HERO!…   Read Story »
What have I been saying for months now? I have been saying that Owen Wilson's and Vince Vaughn's upcoming movie about working at Google, The Internship, looks great and like the best movie of the…   Read Story »
Most of the shows have had their season finales by now, or even "worse," their SERIES finales. (Personally, I love when a show ends for good. It means a new show can take its place. The Office was…   Read Story »
Well? I'm not sure what else you want me to say -- you saw the headline to the post, now ANSWER THE QUESTION! Just kidding! My new year's resolution is to never stop joking around and sharing a few…   Read Story »
Game of Thrones was nominated for thirteen Emmy nominations this year, and over the weekend it received an early Creative Arts Emmy for its opening title sequence. Great job! Although I have not…   Read Story »
Huh. She was one of the kids at the swimming pool when AJ and his stupid friends vandalized the high school. Between this and Boiling Points, if the music thing never worked out she could have always…   Read Story »
After I saw Where the Wild Things Are, I told a friend that a mash-up with Tony's dialog from The Sopranos would be funny but that I didn't need to bother making it because the Internet would make it…   Read Story »
The Hollywood Reporter has some interesting roundtable discussions with the Emmy-nominated showrunners Matthew Weiner (Mad Men), Shonda Rimes (Grey's Anatomy), Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks And…   Read Story »