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This Friday, August 3rd at 4pm EST, our very own Gabe Delahaye will be appearing on My Damn Channel Live to, along with My Damn Channel Live host Beth Hoyt, interview world famous auteur,Tommy Wiseau…   Read Story »
Greg Sestero, better known as Mark from The Room, has recently signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to write a tell-all about his experience making the film, titled Locked Inside The Room.…   Read Story »
Sometimes after a long, hard day throwing the football around, my future husband and I like to unwind with a vodka and scotch cocktail. Or, sometimes I just order up a half Canadian bacon with…   Read Story »
"Oh, hi, 3D Mark." OR: "You're 3D tearing me apart, 3D Lisa!"   Read Story »
The Wiseausurus roamed what is now known as Southwestern North America during the Triassic period. This ferocious creature is best recognized by its ropy body that seems sculpted out of rotting clay,…   Read Story »
Including but not limited to: #9 Decide Your Goals Before Shooting, and #3 SHOWING SAFE SEX IS A PERSONAL CHOICE. Also, apparently "tips for shooting a sex scene in a ridiculous movie that it is hard…   Read Story »
Tommy Wiseau is a lunatic. We know that. But in case for some reason you thought that he had stopped being a lunatic at some point, there is now a teaser trailer (after the jump) for his new short…   Read Story »
Last night at midnight on Adult Swim, they broadcast The Room (another classic "prank"?) and in between commercials they showed Space Ghost interviewing Tommy Wiseau. Which you can now see here.…   Read Story »
Obviously. But that hasn't stopped some coconuts from making a Facebook fan page wishing it to be true. Internet, you're vampiring me apart!   Read Story »
One of the downsides of being a pop-culture blogger, besides being called a pop-culture blogger, and pajama rash, is that your responses become hair-trigger. You need to come up with so many opinions…   Read Story »