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Earlier this week, it was reported that NeNe Leakes and her husband Greg were evicted from their Atlanta home due to owing more than 6,000 dollars (AMERICAN!) in unpaid rent. But today, she released…   Read Story »
US Weekly is reporting that Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes has been evicted from her home! Oh no! Stay strong, NeNe! No matter how rough things get, remember this: at least you're not Kim…   Read Story »
There were so many preview clips on-line in the run-up to the Housewives reunion that it was kind of anti-climactic. Sure, it's exciting for NeNe to threaten to pull Kim's wig off, and even the…   Read Story »
I AM SO DRUNK! Last night's finale was everything that could have been hoped for in a low rent, third tier cable reality show about downmarket socialites in Atlanta, Georgia. There was fighting! And…   Read Story »
The finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is tonight. That was easy. How long was the season, three episodes? Perfect. That's plenty of episodes to get to know these wonderful ladies, and Kim. I'm…   Read Story »
Ellen interviewed Anderson Cooper via satellite on election day, and he talked about his love for The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Now, this video went around yesterday and personally I think…   Read Story »
Dear Bravo, I guess it would be hard to run a TV station on the evening of an historic presidential election when it doesn't make any sense for you to broadcast the returns. But seriously, Bravo?…   Read Story »
The reality TV industry is built on humiliation. No duh. Come on, Gabe, these guys aren't idiots. They know. Some shows are structured entirely on the embarrassment and public ridicule of their…   Read Story »
Kim Zolciak, the only white housewife in Altanta, who is also not a wife, is a fucking liar. Look, giving people on reality TV a hard time for contradicting themselves or for engaging in…   Read Story »
One gets the sense that the main goal in this new season of Real Housewives is to make everything bigger. By moving the show to Atlanta where there's just more physical space they can show…   Read Story »