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In those quiet moments when you sat back and thought about what kind of person you were, and how your interactions with the world shaped not only others' perceptions of you but your own perception of…   Read Story »
There are few crimes more horrific or upsetting than PIZZA RELATED crimes. What is the world even coming to when our pizzas and their noble deliverers are not safe?! And yet, even though we must be…   Read Story »
BREAKING: A script from the upcoming season of Breaking Bad has been stolen from Bryan Cranston's vehicle in Albuquerque, New Mexico. THIS IS NOT A TEST. Spoilers imminent. Cancel Internet service…   Read Story »
Perfect Crimes are a bit tricky sometimes. Sure "falling asleep on a plate of french fries" sounds like the perfect crime, but then when you learn a bit more about it...maybe it's not so much the…   Read Story »
Hey, quick question, where were you on the morning of February 25th? It's definitely no big deal and you're not in trouble or anything, but-- wait, what's that? "Not in East Yorkshire," you said?…   Read Story »
Of course, OF COURSE, some police in Canada are seeking a man for stealing a single mouthful of ice cream. Like no duh that is one of the main issues going on in that country right now. I'm not…   Read Story »
I hate crimes. I'll say that to anyone. Crimes are terrible. As a matter of fact, I just witnessed a crime not 10 minutes ago, no joke. I was walking my dog around the block to see if she could…   Read Story »
I am not sure if you guys remember the short-lived FOX game show, Million Dollar Money Drop, but it was actually not bad. Oh, I didn't watch it! No way. Life is far too short and death is too far too…   Read Story »
When you're out there on those mean streets, you gotta get yours, kid. You know what I mean? It's hard out there for a shrimp. This is a dog eat dog world we live in, and its cutthroat, and other…   Read Story »
It must be hard when you're a high-caliber criminal working at the top of his/her field to scan the headlines and see lesser crooks getting attention. This one stole a tricycle from an autistic…   Read Story »