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Months after Joaquin Phoenix called the Oscars "the worst-tasting carrot [he's] ever tasted in [his] whole life," (which is so funny) (very good quote) Brady cooper, in an interview with British GQ,…   Read Story »
TGIF, am I right? Thank GIF? Thaaaaaaaaank GIF. This week is a super special GIF week because we get to relive one of the brightest nights of our year: Academy Awards night! WHAT A BUNCH OF LUCKY…   Read Story »
In the world of entertainment news right now, it seems like most of everyone is still stuck on the Oscars. The Internet (and probably omg NOW!?) seems to be specifically focused on anything to do…   Read Story »
This picture of Anne Hathaway & Jennifer Lawrence is just an excellent homage to 'Women Laughing Alone With Salad' -BossyPants Leslie Knope & Ben Wyatt's Wedding Album On Pinterest…   Read Story »
"She spoke so slowly, yet we couldn't comprehend anything she said." "She knew a few facts about what movies came from which studios. I mean, they both did!" "It was fun to see how impressed the…   Read Story »
Overly-Committed Daniel Day-Lewis: A Meme Is Born -CityRag Here's a first look at Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco. How do we feel about this casting choice? -/Film Andy Samberg…   Read Story »
The Best Derp Faces Of The Oscars -HyperVocal Jack Nicholson Is Still Awesome -FilmDrunk Steve Jobs says "One more thing." -ClipNation Spocks, A Mr. Spock Sock Design -LaughingSquid Jimmy…   Read Story »
What Do James Franco's Doodles Tell Us About Him? -DETAILS Manolo Blahnik Unclear On Who Anne Hathaway Is -NYMag Ethan Hawke shares some choice words about The Oscars -Dlisted The Lone Ranger's…   Read Story »
Chuchi the Dog is said to look JUST like Steve Buscemi. TRUE or FALSE? You be the judge. -HuffPo Ina Garten is releasing a line of Barefoot Contessa Frozen Meals. FROZEN?! Jeffrey will be SO…   Read Story »
AHHHHH! Ok. Everyone keep cool. Put on your special Academy Award season gold plated oxygen masks before helping others and DO NOT panic. You remember the drill, right? Once you're full of oxygen,…   Read Story »