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Two of the shows were Leap Day themed! Kind of! That was unexpected! Right? Or did you all expect that and you were waiting all week so you could hear some leap day jokes, because they're your…   Read Story »
OH, WHAT A NIGHT! Thursday night! How about that 30 Rock, huh? Gabe says he hated it and that if it had been the first time he was watching 30 Rock, he would never watch 30 Rock again. "VERY bad," is…   Read Story »
Parks and Recreation aired their (perfect) Valentine's Day episode last week, leaving this week open for a SUPER-SIZED 30 Rock. And guess what! It was also very good! A nonstop joyride, beginning…   Read Story »
Lately -- especially in this season -- 30 Rock has felt, to me, unusually tired. They've been doing the same thing every season of their entire lives, and I don't mean that in a bad way because what…   Read Story »
Deadline is reporting that NBC is preparing an Office spin-off show about Dwight Schrute's beet farm. It's going to be called Joey WHOOPS I MEANT DWIGHT OBVIOUSLY I MEANT DWIGHT.   Read Story »
Last night's 30 Rock has been talked about a bunch on the Internet in the past few weeks in anticipation for the show's response to Tracy Morgan's homophobic rant that took place in June. And it…   Read Story »
Last week (and this week) there were some rumors going around that Steve Carell made a cameo in last week's The Office. It looked like him! On the Queerenstein Bears trivia team! But it turns out…   Read Story »
They're baaaaaaaaack! Most of our old friends and one of our new acquaintances returned to our homes last night, and it was wonderful. We haven't seen 30 Rock in forever! Unfortunately, and I hate to…   Read Story »
HOLIDAY EPISOOOOOOOOOODEEEESSSS! What a wonderful night. I'm not even going to pretend like I can unbiasedly judge a holiday episode of a TV show -- THEY'RE ALL GREAT! But, I do think that these…   Read Story »
My god, remember the Virgin Diaries kiss from a few days ago? That was just the best. I still don't fully believe it, to be honest -- how COULD I? -- but I want to believe it. And I do love it. So…   Read Story »