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Last night's final installment of Thursday night Weekend Update made me a little bit mad that I had to be watching Weekend Update on a Thursday night. Oddly, the part that I liked the most was the…   Read Story »
A lot of stuff happened this weekend! Saturday Night Live came back! All the Thursday shows came back! Mitt Romney! Other stuff, too! Let's stop talking about it and just get to looking at GIFs about…   Read Story »
WELCOME BACK, TELEVISION SHOWS! The season premieres of Up All Night, Parks and Recreation, and the last season of The Office aired last night, along with a special Thursday edition of Weekend Update…   Read Story »
The man you're looking at right now is Former College Humor comedy actor Thomas Middleditch, who has been cast as Dwight Schrute’s brother Jeb in the Office spinoff that I totally forgot about…   Read Story »
There were a few (two?) The Simpsons related things this week, so I chose this fun The Simpsons GIF to introduce us to our other GIFs today. Pretty cool, right? It was a pretty cool choice I made.…   Read Story »
After what feels like 100 strained years of being NBC's highest rated scripted series, our pals in Scranton, PA are finally hanging up their The Office. "Nooooooooo!" Greg Daniels will be taking over…   Read Story »
Here is a list of character descriptions for the possible Dwight Schrute Office spin-off thing. Its working title is Joey and the Beets.   Read Story »
The big question on everyone's mind these days is: When will the cast of Friends reunite for something along the lines of an hour-long special, or maybe even a movie, just so we can get a sense of…   Read Story »
This is a tumblr featuring screencaps of people eating food on Law and Order. WHAT A WORLD. It's almost as if you can make a tumblr out of anything you want these days.…   Read Story »
LES! LIE! KNOPE! LES! LIE! KNOPE! LES! LIE! KNOPE! Wooooooooooo! They really drew THAT conclusion out in every possible, kind of lazy way they could've! But yes, obviously, Leslie Knope is the new…   Read Story »