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Unfortunately, do to a scheduling conflict, I was only able to watch two out of the group of Thursday night shows this week -- 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. How were the rest of them? Good? Bad?…   Read Story »
30 Rock and Up All Night weren't on last night, making room for an episode of The Voice during which all but three people on each coach's team got kicked off. I had never seen The Voice before but…   Read Story »
NBC has passed on the Dwight Schrute-based spin-off of The Office. Here's hoping the 17 other The Office spin-offs have better luck!   Read Story »
What a dream, to have Adam Scott walk into your beautiful new house in a beautiful suit and to propose to you with the BIGGEST ring box in the world, after you had already seen Joe Mande and thought…   Read Story »
Halloween is just around the corner, which makes this upcoming weekend the perfect time to gather around the television with your friends and family and watch all of your favorite Halloween TV…   Read Story »
Kind of. It stars Craig Robinson and is being developed by Greg Daniels. Can we talk about that Dwight Schrute spin-off show? And by can we talk about it I mean can we please never talk about it? #EEK   Read Story »
Due to some prior engagements last night, I was, unfortunately, only able to watch 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry I won't be able to tell you that The Office was better…   Read Story »
30 Rock is back! 30 Rock is back! 30 Rock is back for its final season! And we're all reminded once more than Liz Lemon gets to take the entire summer off of work, and I don't know, with that in…   Read Story »
Sesame Street did an online parody of Boardwalk Empire, titled Birdwalk Empire, and it is, as all online Sesame Street parodies of things are, very charming. -AVClub Hey, did any of you guys like…   Read Story »
Hahah, remember this grumpy cat? This grumpy cat has been going around the Internet a lot this week, and it even has its own meme already, neither of which make anything very appealing, and yet…   Read Story »