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I know we've waited all week to talk about it, but I swear to god, if I read any more words on the internet about whether or not Hannah from Girls could have actually gotten with Patrick Wilson, or…   Read Story »
FRIDAY GIFDAY! THANK GOD! I don't know about you but I cannot wait to be at home, snowed in (possibly) (maybe not?) (I'M NOT LEAVING EITHER WAY), eating guacamole, and not even thinking for one…   Read Story »
COMMUNITY'S BACK, Y'ALL! What did you think? That it didn't feel exactly the same, but close enough that you enjoyed it and recognize that to have even a bit of that old taste in your mouth is better…   Read Story »
Baldwin Brother OR Elks' Lodge Leader from the 1960s? -Uproxx Jason Bateman & Jimmy Fallon in Real People, Fake Arms -TastefullyOffensive Shaq lip-syncs to Beyoncé's "Halo" at The Super…   Read Story »
Wow, what a week! DID YOU CRY? Press 1 if you cried. R U pressing 1? I'm going to be less hard on you if you cried than I expected to be because I'm going to admit that I almost cried, but then I…   Read Story »
"Whaddamy doin' wrong, Brian?" And with that simple question, television was changed FOREVER. JUST KIDDING. The first time characters on The Office interacted with the documentary crew that has been…   Read Story »
The big television comedy news this week was the return of Girls on Sunday night, the same night Lena Dunham took home Golden Globes for Best Comedy Series and Best Actress. Did she and the show…   Read Story »
Why is Will Arnett so skinny? Why do they always cut the tops off of snack bags on TV shows? Why is Meredith on The Office's comedy bald cap so much better than Kristina on Parenthood's devastating…   Read Story »
Jimmy Fallon did that fun thing when shaving off his beard, trying out a bunch of different moustache looks in the process. Click through for a GIF of the results. Shown: the handlebar!…   Read Story »
[Ed Note: Rather than focus only on the Thursday night comedy block, we're going to open up the conversation (and the GIFversation) to all of the wonderful comedies you guys are watching throughout…   Read Story »