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Well?! Guys?! What do you think?! The new slate of fall television shows has started, so it's time to throw those undeveloped opinions around! As anyone with a blog will tell you, pilots are very…   Read Story »
It's hard to imagine that the same week we received a brand new Krispy Kreme video was also the week with the most boring day of the Internet year. Isn't that hard to imagine? I can't even imagine it…   Read Story »
If you aren't aware, the pilot episode for Ryan Murphy's new NBC comedy that a few people are super upset about, The New Normal, is currently available to watch on Hulu. Great! It's been available…   Read Story »
Which meth dealer would you be? Hmm? Answer the question. Which one? The link here has some GIFs to help you choose which one, but it seems like it shouldn't be that hard of a question. So. Which one…   Read Story »
This is a clip of Destiny's Child's 1999 hit "Say My Name," except instead of Destiny's Child saying the "say my name" part, it is Walt White. Sometimes people just nail it. -PaulFTompkins Wait so…   Read Story »
When we last checked in with small but brave groups taking a stand against NBC's upcoming fall family-destroying sitcom The New Normal, the organization One Million Moms called for a protest from…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: Kelly! What's up?! Kelly: Not a whole lot, kind of the same stuff, just trying to stay cool in the summer heat. Gabe: that's very COOL OF YOU Gabe: ahhahahahah Kelly:…   Read Story »
Mindy Kaling is going to be back on the next season of The Office for two episodes, and also, have you seen the poster advertisement for her new show? ...Have you seen it? Laugh your fox off?…   Read Story »
Ooooooh, IT'S UPFRONTS SEASON! You guys! That wonderful time of the year when major networks and some select cable channels let us all in on what they have in store for us, their viewers, next…   Read Story »