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I hate Alice Sebold's novel, The Lovely Bones. It is probably one of my least favorite books of all time. It's basically the Tuesdays with Morrie (another horrible horrible book) of…   Read Story »
For the record (again) I hate Alice Sebold's book The Lovely Bones. It is the Tuesdays with Morrie of horrific child-rape-homicide. "Rarely have I been so uplifted by a horrific child-rape-homicide.…   Read Story »
The Lovely Bones trailer, you guys: He has done it! Peter Jackson has brought Alice Sebold's miserable book The Lovely Bones (the Tuesdays with Morrie of horrific child rape-homicide) to…   Read Story »
Peter Jackson has been hard at work on his adaptation of Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones, which has sold over 10 million copies since it was published in 2002, making it the Tuesdays with Morrie of…   Read Story »