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From the creator of "Cycles," here is a short video about the city that we live in: Kitty City. It's a little weird here for sure, but it IS home! (Via BoingBoing.)   Read Story »
I had this professor in college who was a Marxist. A real Marxist! I didn’t know they still existed. He had this intense look and a wild, white beard that made him look like an Old Testament…   Read Story »
So, Trust is basically The Social Network, if The Social Network was a psycho-sexual drama and Mark Zuckerberg was played by Clive Owen and Facebook was an American Apparel ad? I think?   Read Story »
In order to help promote her boyfriend Cash Warren's new startup venture, IBeatYou, Jessica Alba is competing in an online staring competition? And wins? (via People) This offers so many more…   Read Story »