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This should be easy? Just think of something else. I'll go first. Okay. Being a famous actor. Often the hours are long, you often have to stay in a hotel somewhere away from your family, the pay is…   Read Story »
Oh, what a week. We got a new Doctor Who, it was the O.C.'s tenth anniversary, Mark Wahlberg got mistaken for Matt Damon, some of us watched The Canyons, which was a mistake -- I can hardly believe…   Read Story »
To One Major Dad To Another, Oh boy. Well, here we are. Just to put things into perspective, when we launched Videogum on April 8th, 2008, George W. Bush was still President of the United States.…   Read Story »
I know everyone hates hearing about everyone else's dreams. I know, I know, I know. But, you know, everyone loves talking about their own dreams. And really I feel like everyone hates hearing about…   Read Story »
It's really more of a sneak peek than a trailer, I guess, but what are you going to do? Call the cops on me? FOR THAT? Relax. Relax and catch your first glimpse of the Dan Harmon-less Community, if…   Read Story »
Casting calls are almost always hilarious. Look, if you want to see an alien shove itself into a human flesh suit in Men in Black and walk around all herky-jerky for the big guffaws, then someone has…   Read Story »
Wassssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuup! Yo young women who don't just reTumbl things but occasionally post original content and young dudes who aren't afraid to show enthusiasm for things as long as the…   Read Story »
Obviously the number one things that happened this week were how awful that Nike video was, which we are all still so upset about, oh my goodness, we cannot forget about it, and then also the…   Read Story »
Yo, please RT! Whattup beautiful young women who think it's cool to take your clothes off for HBO and young men who are interested in ecology instead of wrestling! Today I want to rap at you about…   Read Story »
Of course everyone was excited to hear that they could finally jump into The Hunger Games and live out their murderous, dystopian nightmare dream on vacation in DuPont State Recreational Forest AKA…   Read Story »