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Scarlett Johansson is representing the '90s in W Magazine's 40th anniversary issue, with Keira Knightley representing to '00s, Mia Wasikowska the '80s, and Rooney Mara the '70s. It's fun to see…   Read Story »
Lauren Conrad (LC to us fans) is, of course, the former star of MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills. Who could forget those wonderful adventures? Now she is one of America's most beloved, Pulitzer-prize…   Read Story »
Back in 2009, we declared an end to giving any of the fools from The Hills any more attention, but I'd hardly say this counts as attention. It's just two sad liars, one wearing a permanent monster…   Read Story »
Move over, Charlie Sheen. You are no longer Mr. Cool Disguise. Now, Spencer Pratt is Mr. Cool Disguise. Everyone adjust your files accordingly.   Read Story »
It is one thing for awful 18-year-olds to use a bad reality show to get "famous," it is even worse when an even more awful 900-year-old Tommy Wiseau vampire uses those awful 18-year-olds to get a…   Read Story »
The MTV show The Hills is fake. Everyone knows that. But up until recently, it was mostly a poorly kept secret. For the sake of the show's razor-thin watchability, the pretense of reality was…   Read Story »
Trailer for season 6 of The Hills, you guys: It's hard to figure out what Kristin Cavallari says in the part that's bleeped out. "You [bleeped] with the wrong girl, dude." Hmmm. "You have devoted…   Read Story »
The Hills ended last Sunday with a one hour finale in which Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were married, Lauren Conrad "quit" her "job," and Kristen Cavallari showed up as if somehow we were supposed…   Read Story »
Spencer has changed. Says Spencer. He has breakfast with Heidi's long suffering mom, Darlene, and explains that he's been going to therapy. He's already done the early-20's "sleazy guy thing," he…   Read Story »
Paris Hilton thinks that The Hills is "lame" and "fake," two things about which she is an EXPERT (Zings Are Blind). From US Weekly: Paris Hilton says her beau Doug Reinhardt won't be appearing on…   Read Story »