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There has been a lot of insidery media speculation this winter--although maybe this happens every winter and I just never noticed it for some reason--about the foresaken dumping ground of a January…   Read Story »
Look, the movie stars Seth Rogen, it was directed by Michel Gondry, it's based on a radio serial, and it's in 3D. Oh, also it is the dead of winter. Let's just have fun with it, see what happens!   Read Story »
The Green Hornet trailer, you guys: I like Seth Rogen, OK? And I like Michel Gondry, OK? And when this comes out in the theater next January, I will see it, OK? But none of those facts change…   Read Story »
Some people are suggesting that the Seth Rogen/Michel Gondry Green Hornet movie might be a colossal disaster. That movie isn't coming out for months and months! It certainly seems possible, I guess.…   Read Story »