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I was willing to accept the video you're about to watch as something that I would never know or understand the meaning of, and present it only as scary art/maybe porn. Because sometimes it's better…   Read Story »
This video is titled "Self-Aware Robot Roommates." That title is very misleading because this video doesn't say anything about this robot being a roommate at all. Which is a bummer, because I really…   Read Story »
I realize that, in posting this video, I am pretty much only talking about how I want something from a commercial. It's basically like I just sent you all a link to my Urban Outfitters online…   Read Story »
I can't say enough about great shopping online is. You don't have to be around any people, you don't have to try a million things on and have none of them fit, and you don't have to go anywhere. It's…   Read Story »
Video of this semi-liquid-moving machine, SWITL, has been floating around the internet since March-ish, I think. Not that I saw it then. But just in case you saw it then. "Already checked this…   Read Story »
Whatever, robot. When your boyfriend is finished folding his socks, why don't the two of you head down to the junkyard and throw yourselves in, because you're TRASH. I'll say that to your stupid…   Read Story »
Time Warner is about to make some service changes that will provide cable subscribers (in New York) with timely updates about the status of their upcoming visit from a repair technician, making it…   Read Story »
The space judge banged her hover gavel on the computer desk. "I sentence you to 90 infinities in SPACE JAIL!" Robot Lindsay Lohan would have burst into battery tears, but it could not, because it was…   Read Story »
It's all fun and games until some Jigsaw uses the Bluetooth Bear to call his victims. Saw XIV: Oh Yes, There Will Be Bluetooth Bear. "This Bluetooth Bear was meant to receive calls, not make…   Read Story »