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After the jump, I have posted a video that features a live demonstration of a new-fangled technology in which a computer, or WHATEVER, measures some junk in your hand and then translates that to a…   Read Story »
We talk a lot about the Robot Uprising here and, needless to say, we have always been on point. Our death at the cold hand of technology remains imminent, and our fear has been justified yet again…   Read Story »
Last week we were all pretty excited to find out about the new hot fashion trend that is animatronic cat ears. Finally, something we were already so passionate about is in style! So chic! So now!…   Read Story »
Dear Everyone: All of our dreams have come true!!!! Love, Kelly PS: I am honestly so excited about this human advancement that I am embarrassed and genuinely hope that NO ONE is…   Read Story »
The New Yorker has a pretty interesting article this week about the history and future of YouTube. In summation, it talks about how millions of people all over the world watch incredible numbers of…   Read Story »
Oh, the hoverboard. Sometimes I almost wonder would it not be better had Back to the Future 2 never been made? In some multiverse existence Steven Spielberg has never offered us this poison pill, and…   Read Story »
Have you watched Terra Nova yet? I haven't. I've been too busy petitioning Words with Friends to make "adorkable" a legal move. (Ding dong. New Girl joke!) Anyway, Terra Nova. I guess it's based on…   Read Story »
There is no doubt in my mind that people growing up today are going to have a much different relationship with technology than people growing up when I grew up (two years ago) and people growing up…   Read Story »
In the past we've seen a lot of robots that have been built to expertly craft meals for you. I can't even believe how many links I just included and that isn't even all of the links to the robots…   Read Story »
Do you guys remember the documentary My Kid Could Paint That? That was a pretty good documentary! If you want my opinion, I don't think their kid "painted that." Shocking opinion I know, but I have a…   Read Story »