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Alec Trebeck is thinking about retiring from hosting Jeopardy! What is an idea that makes sense because how long have you been hosting that show, INFINITY? -TheHollywoodReporter Tonight is the…   Read Story »
Here's a first look at Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. It looks very westerny, spoiler alert. -FilmDrunk Last night, Jimmy Fallon played charades with the cast of 30 Rock on Late Night.…   Read Story »
Guys, seriously, NO TIME, there are a million trailers this week and we just need to get to it. "Aww, but Gabe, what about your completely pointless and unguided Friday afternoon pre-trailer ramble…   Read Story »
Gabe: hi kelly Kelly: Hi, Gabe Kelly: What's up Gabe: i'll tell you what's up Gabe: the trailer for sacha baron cohen's The Dictator came out today Kelly: Oh yeah I saw it. Gabe: that…   Read Story »