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This is wonderful news. Chris Gethard talked with Splitsider about the show, and what the pilot might look like, so you should go over there and read it. And watch some episodes maybe? Hey, why not!   Read Story »
The Chris Gethard Show celebrates 100 episodes tonight on New York Public Access, but you can also celebrate on-line. Very niiiiiiice! (Borat says "Congratulations to that show!")   Read Story »
Here is a realistic illustration of Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear by Dan LuVisi. That is to say, Buzz Lightyear with a totally out of nowhere human face. LADIES! -LaughingSquid Courtney Stodden…   Read Story »
Beginning at noon today (EST) and ending at midnight tonight (EST), The Chris Gethard Show will be broadcasting election coverage live on the show's website. Plz find out who the president will be…   Read Story »
Is George Clooney Abraham Lincoln's cousin? ??? Is he, though? But. Is he? CLICK 2 FIND OUT! -IDon'tLikeYou A new promo for NBC's upcoming series 1600 Penn was released today. Want to watch it?…   Read Story »
Chris Gethard is traveling from LA to Tennessee with no money, phone, or car (but camera crew, check). The whole thing makes me very uncomfortable. But here's the first video from his trip. Help him…   Read Story »
I'm not sure if you guys are regular viewers of Chris Gethard's weekly public access variety show, The Chris Gethard Show, but this week's episode was so wonderful. My goodness. Chis surprised…   Read Story »