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You loooooove him, you want to kiiiiiiiiiss him, he is your huuuuuuuuusband, you two are marrrrrrrrrrrrried. Obviously, a serious, committed, longterm relationship involves a lot of compromise. But…   Read Story »
Ugh. This guy. Look at this guy! Fuck this guy for real. As if the lion's life isn't sad enough already that he's been stolen from his natural habitat to live in a tiny glass cage for his whole…   Read Story »
You and your friends have a pact that your love lives are your own business. No judging allowed. Each of you understand that sometimes what can look on the outside like a sloppy doofus can be, deep…   Read Story »
It's crazy how long you and Geraldo have been together. We've all had our share of serious relationships and long-term commitment, but for those of us without a decades long relationship under our…   Read Story »
In Chloe's defense, it's difficult to know how basic mathematic principals work when your husband is preparing to humiliate you on the Internet. Divorce him! Show your work!   Read Story »
There are definitely times when it's more appropriate for your boyfriend to bust out his Morgan Freeman impersonation than others. It's one thing when he does it at a party with all of your friends.…   Read Story »
I'm so excited for you. It's all finally happening. Ever since you met Greg, things have just been like, AHHHHH, crazy! It's all moved so fast, and OK, yes, some of us were worried in the early days…   Read Story »
How's he gonna be your boyfriend if he doesn't know you? Get your head in the game! Put on some make-up. Don't be TOO flirty, just say cutesy things. Look, you know most of this stuff already, it's…   Read Story »
Guys, this video is for Briona ONLY. No one else watch this video, thx. I hope you enjoyed the video, Briona. That's your boyfriend, right? Of course it is. That is definitely your boyfriend.…   Read Story »
As someone who used to love music videos as a teenager (or as they were called in my time, "music penny arcades") and was sad to watch them become 15-second cannon fodder for Carson Daly's War…   Read Story »