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This is a photo from Jared Leto's recent shoot with Terry Richardson for Candy magazine. So is this and this and this. AND THIS! Ahhhhhh! Keep YOUR shirt on, Terry, my goodness! You aren't the star…   Read Story »
James Franco is on the cover of GQ's "Comedy Issue" this month, which I guess makes sense, sort of. He has definitely been in a bunch of comedies, although at this point I feel like he has been in as…   Read Story »
The long-running accusations of sexual impropriety aside, Terry Richardson photographed BARACK OBAMA on the eve of his re-election as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. See also: Oprah, and Zach…   Read Story »
Terry Richardson photographed Paul Rudd and his mom. Strange but okay! -TerrysDiary Birth Control On The Bottom Yogurt combines everything that is important to women* into one handy snack.…   Read Story »
"Ssshhh! Terry Richardson is taking my picture in the bushes!" -Demi Moore (click through to see full photo) -BuzzFeed Louis C.K. announced new tour dates for 2013 and the filming location for his…   Read Story »
This photo is entitled "Sad Jennifer Lawrence Eating A Whole Fish" but really it's more like, "I'm trying to eat this fish, it's a little embarrassing that they're making me do this, please…   Read Story »
"Perfect" means directed by James Franco, featuring Lindsay Lohan doing a Terry Richardson photo shoot, James Franco in a helicopter, and some blurry shots of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, right? We…   Read Story »
I know that Terry Richardson is a very successful commercial photographer who gets selected by pretty much every magazine on a rotating basis to photograph every celebrity to make them look like they…   Read Story »
Terry Richardson has been posting a whole series of photos this morning that he took of his favorite muse, Jared Leto Lindsay Lohan, taken at the Chateau Marmont, including a run of her putting a gun…   Read Story »
Project X, your favorite movie, is getting a sequel! How does Hollywood even know exactly what you want all of the time, I have no idea! You're so lucky! -FilmDrunk Topher Grace edited down a bunch…   Read Story »