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What would Nic Cage's babies look like if he mated with a bunch of different people and things? Dave Stopera asks the important questions. My favorite: Nic Cage & A Furby! -BuzzFeed Dustin…   Read Story »
Oh, by the way, Tina Fey was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross this week to talk about her new book and about how Japan can use high powered cement pumps to stave off any further disaster at the…   Read Story »
Enough! Let's turn those frowns upside down! Zach Galifianakis was on Fresh Air yesterday. Let's listen here. Better.   Read Story »
Fresh Air, your mom's favorite late night talk show (in bed by 4PM, no BUTS), has been censored in Mississippi. Because of an interview with Louis C.K. From Jewcy: Terry Gross is a little too…   Read Story »
Isn't it weird when you are listening to NPR and you realize that your parents now know about something you like? Stupid old parents don't understand ANYTHING. (Just kidding! Love you guys!) Listen…   Read Story »
It is funny to think about school children dutifully ignoring this interview while their parents drive them home, refusing to change the radio station to something cool. You can listen to it here.   Read Story »
Tracy Morgan appeared on Fresh Air with Terry Gross today to talk about his book, I Am the New Black, and kept it so real that he ended up breaking down in tears. No joke. Listen here.   Read Story »