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Twitter: people can't get enough of it. It's on their phones, it's on their computers, they're eating tweets, they're typing tweets, they're talking about tweets, they're brushing their tweets,…   Read Story »
Ah, it is autumn once again! Put on your sweaters and grab your mugs, don't even pay attention to how it is still pretty warm outside and actually when you're standing in the sun it's fairly hot!…   Read Story »
We all know how bad television is for children. It rots their brains! And I think if you sit too close to it, it does something to your eyes? It burns your eyeballs? You should always sit at least…   Read Story »
If you have been on the Internet at all today, then you have probably at least noticed and decided not to read a blog post about how it is upfronts week in New York City, where all of the networks…   Read Story »
The Hollywood Reporter this morning has an editorial about what Bob Greenblatt, the new-ish head of NBC, should do to turn the network's dismal ratings around. This has been a pretty popular topic of…   Read Story »
Well? I'm not sure what else you want me to say -- you saw the headline to the post, now ANSWER THE QUESTION! Just kidding! My new year's resolution is to never stop joking around and sharing a few…   Read Story »
Hey laaadddieeeeeeessss! Guess what? It turns out we have a reason to keep that dumb dusty TV we've had in our living rooms forever after all! STOP! DON'T THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW YET! And def don't…   Read Story »
What? Oh, I'm sorry, is 911 not for EMERGENCIES anymore?   Read Story »
A group of scientists in Australia has published their findings (via Vulture) linking television watching with shortened life spans. Yikes! But we love TV! If this is true it will be the first time…   Read Story »
This week is the television upfronts, when all of the major networks (and also some cable channels that WISH they were major networks) ("I'm going to shove you into your locker, cable networks" -…   Read Story »