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"Hah, it's cute," said the college girlfriend. "You don't think it's funny?? Oh my god, we watched this video all the time and just, like, laughed and laugh--" "No, no, it's funny! Really, it's cute…   Read Story »
It's incredible that 100 years later "What's a web page? Something ducks walk on?" is still a great joke. Some things never change. Thanks for watching, and remember to have someone else's parents…   Read Story »
It's a hard time to be a teen in high school. I know that. Not from experience, as I graduated from high school in 2005, which was before YouTube existed (pretty much) (let's not split hairs) and…   Read Story »
Zigga zigga ahh, you pogs! What is up? Today I want to rap at the wicked cool broheims who study hard and respect their teachers and the super chill skate bettys who like Parks and Recreation but…   Read Story »
Let's get some jiggies on it! Hey pogs. Today I want to rap at you about YOUR music and YOUR generation. Rad! Sour Patch Worms! Look, your body is going through a lot of changes right now and…   Read Story »
I apologize for everything I've done today to turn this website into a den of gross, but just count your blessings that you didn't watch this over breakfast this morning, as I did. There is certainly…   Read Story »
Kids, if you want to become a viral video sensation, just do something bad and then be totally remorseless about it on your local news. And be sure to live in Florida. As a nation heals from the…   Read Story »