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There is no way I'm suffering having seen this video about a teenager who has trouble seeing and goes to the hospital and learns that there is a maggot growing in (and EATING) his eyeball by myself.…   Read Story »
Good morning. (Via TheDailyWhat.)   Read Story »
There was an article in the New York Times yesterday about how Wall Street is going through a hiring boom and doling out massive bonuses in anticipation of a robust recovery of the financial…   Read Story »
As we know, my favorite news story is (and will always be) LINDSAY LOHAN'S SCRAM BRACELET. And my second favorite news story is the current political scandal in South Carolina. But Jodie Foster being…   Read Story »
Cowabunga! How's it hanging, dudes who plan to work hard to avoid the mistakes of their fathers and young women who want a more flexible and undogmatic approach to feminist ideals? Off the chain!…   Read Story »
Man, I am almost as frustrated as CopperCab that people will not let him get his word out there, because I am so curious what his word is! Here we are, four videos deep, and I keep hearing about this…   Read Story »
Clearly, there are still a lot of questions that remain to be answered in the open case regarding the disappearance of a dog named Rigby and the possibly criminal actions of one Wolfie Blackheart…   Read Story »
Energy drinks! I know that many of you cool dudes and even cooler young women are reading this on your smartphones right now, because that is the only way to access the NET when you are spending the…   Read Story »
LA Gear! Listen, fresh dudes who respect girls and want everyone to be treated equally, and proud young women who know that they are in charge of their own destinies (which could even include being…   Read Story »
Personally, I've never read Sweet Valley High (SURPRISE!), but I assume that it is full of garbage neologisms and self-indulgent teen-speak. And if not, it is now. Something something hamburger phone.   Read Story »