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Ding ding dong ring-a-ding ding ding dong, keep your pogs ringing! Wusssuuuuup pointers?! It's cool beans to run with the IN crowd, but before you can be cool to other peeps you've got 2 b cool 2…   Read Story »
Apparently James Franco's Sharpie dried up but it didn't matter because there wasn't any room left on his jeans anyway.   Read Story »
It's Friday morning! You know what that means: pull that scooter around and let's get to it. Honestly, there is nothing even to make fun of about this. These guys just know what is up. They…   Read Story »
A documentary about teenage magicians is already a pretty incredible concept. Teenage magicians! Surely, if there is a caste system within the nerd community, then the teen magician is ranked even…   Read Story »
So, if you have any acting or modeling that needs doing, talk to Brad. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)   Read Story »
You might not think to look at him, but headphones UP! I know that this is a sentiment that shows my age, but boy oh boy, every once in awhile I am reminded how glad I am that the Internet…   Read Story »
"Hey, what if we sucked all of the charm, cleverness, and fun out of the Teen Wolf franchise and turned it into a dim and fake-brooding teenage melodrama that feels like a ramshod rip-off of the…   Read Story »
Sorry Kyle, but you will never have my permission to ever date my as-yet-unborn daughter. I know your type. I bet you comment a lot on YouTube, don’t you? A fan of both Fred AND the Annoying…   Read Story »
So, Trust is basically The Social Network, if The Social Network was a psycho-sexual drama and Mark Zuckerberg was played by Clive Owen and Facebook was an American Apparel ad? I think?   Read Story »