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Everyone is 15 at some point. That's not entirely accurate, I guess. Like, dead babies aren't 15, but is that really how you want to start the day? Nitpicking over dead babies? Come on. Let's just…   Read Story »
Here's a quick overview of what the kids of today are into: low budget natural history exhibits in libraries, the band A-Ha!, soda fountains, jukeboxes, terrible green screen, dancing weirdly in…   Read Story »
Haha. AWWWWW! Parents just don't understand, right, Robert Downey Jr.? Poor guy. He's been up there all day and didn't even touch the pb&j sandwich I left outside his door. Downey Jr. is on the cover…   Read Story »
There was this movie in the 1990s directed by Gregg Araki called Nowhere, which was a pseudo-sequel to Doom Generation, and part of his "Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy." Anyway, at one point in the movie…   Read Story »
Yo, please RT! Whattup beautiful young women who think it's cool to take your clothes off for HBO and young men who are interested in ecology instead of wrestling! Today I want to rap at you about…   Read Story »
Ring ding dong, ring a ding ding ding dong, keep your heads Red Bull! What's up, young women who were barely even bothered by the Rush Limbaugh dustup with Sandra Fluke because they recognized it…   Read Story »
You can make all the fun of these videos that you want, but the fact of the matter is they actually do make you consider never having sex again. So, SUCCESS! Although, I prefer the original Purity…   Read Story »
It's a pretty well known problem that our insatiable desire for sex and violence creates a market for ever-increasingly sensationalized news broadcasts. You can complain about the scare tactics and…   Read Story »
Thanks, Purity Bear! As the official Day of Purity website reminds us, the Day of Purity is either Valentine's Day OR the previous weekday, whatever that even MEANS. This year, Valentine's Day falls…   Read Story »
It was only a matter of time before Hollywood got around to rebooting the Police Academy franchise, no duh, I mean, no duh, come on. If anything it's weird that so many other franchises were rebooted…   Read Story »