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Usually when a bunch of celebrities are in a video together about a charitable foundation, it's in a large way just like, "SHUT UP, CELEBRITIES." Because celebrities are annoying. But this one is…   Read Story »
Whoa. Ted Danson is replacing Laurence Fishburne on CSI. Ted Danson is great! I could watch him analyze the tire prints on a PHONE BOOK and find it entertaining.   Read Story »
Ted Danson! You're giving away all of our secrets! What a traitor! President Mystery, throw him in Guy Jail! What is that book he's reading from, anyway? The Big Book Of Boringest Things You Can…   Read Story »
Apparently in the 1980s, a doctor recruited Justine and Jason Bateman and Ted Danson to teach teenagers about sex and love in a series of PSAs. Street Carnage has a short clip today that piqued my…   Read Story »