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Uggghh, I hate being proven wrong! About two weeks ago, we all had a good laugh about Shepard Smith's introductory video for Fox News's new high tech news room, featuring a bunch of people looking at…   Read Story »
Sure the technology seems a little unnecessary when the video chatting technology is already here and, like, there will probably be a lot of time when the machines get lost or fall down in the…   Read Story »
At this point in our bright, beautiful youth, the opportunities to laugh at those who are older and somewhat "out of touch" are abundant. "Grandma sent me another email with 100% of the text in the…   Read Story »
After the jump, I have posted a video that features a live demonstration of a new-fangled technology in which a computer, or WHATEVER, measures some junk in your hand and then translates that to a…   Read Story »
Aww, it looks like we have an exciting little bit of news from the technology world today! After months of rumors and gossip, Furby and the iPhone's Siri have come out to the world about their…   Read Story »
There is no doubt in my mind that people growing up today are going to have a much different relationship with technology than people growing up when I grew up (two years ago) and people growing up…   Read Story »
In the past we've seen a lot of robots that have been built to expertly craft meals for you. I can't even believe how many links I just included and that isn't even all of the links to the robots…   Read Story »
Uhhhh, soooo, this is absolutely crazy? By using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) software, researchers at UC Berkley have basically created a way for us to eventually watch our dreams…   Read Story »
James Cameron is a guy who loves movie technology. That is the smartest way I could think of to begin this post. He cannot get enough of it. Like, for instance, Avatar? Loaded with the stuff. Anyway,…   Read Story »
I realize that, in posting this video, I am pretty much only talking about how I want something from a commercial. It's basically like I just sent you all a link to my Urban Outfitters online…   Read Story »