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You deserve a pizza break! So after enjoying your pizza video, head on over to your workplace's break room and start chowing down on some of the pizza that will be in there! If you go to your…   Read Story »
It's not often in life that you get to witness someone discovering their ability to combine two of their passions into one PERFECT passion. The chicken fiddler is an obvious example. Another example…   Read Story »
Sure, watching a girl say so many words backwards in a car with her friends for over three minutes is a bit much. You get the point immediately, and watching her say maionese backwards at the two…   Read Story »
It was thought lost to the ages, but now it is found. You can spend so many years wandering through the dark and lonely desert of existence that you forget what you were looking for in the…   Read Story »
There are few things in this world that make me more upset than dubstep. A few weeks ago I had a legitimate argument with a friend about dubstep that ended in us shouting, "I don't know what it is!,"…   Read Story »