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One question I never really have a good answer for when people ask, and they always do, for whatever reason this seems like a question that I've been asked many times by people (generally people I am…   Read Story »
At some point in the future people will wonder, if it was never a Tumblr meme, did it even exist?   Read Story »
This '80s commercial for Jello will make you say the C Word in your head. I guarantee it: That commercial makes me wish that Jello had a rival product, like Pepsi or Microsoft, and that the rival…   Read Story »
At first, this promotional video for I.B. Diffusion, the makers of the world's most imaginatively horrifying sweaters from the '80s, seems like your typical "Yeah, ha, what a weird time that was"…   Read Story »
Bill Cosby is finally taking advantage of the cultural significance and hipster party theme popularity of the aggressively unattractive sweaters he wore on The Cosby Show and elsewhere. Just look at…   Read Story »