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How do costume designers find clothes that make Natalie Portman seem normal-sized? I know Thor has a boomerang hammer and a solid chest or whatever, but Natalie Portman and I are the same height,…   Read Story »
I had almost impossibly low expectations going into The Wolverine this weekend. Between the faint rumblings I had picked up that the movie was "slow" and "too long," and the fact that I distinctly…   Read Story »
Here is another image to get you guys excited for Spider-Man 2. How excited are you now? So exciting, though, right?!   Read Story »
There have always been crazy people in need of medical attention. Always. Maybe one of the biggest differences between the way things are now and the way things used to be, besides the existence of…   Read Story »
This image has been popping up all over the Internet today in breathless, nerd-soaked blog posts about the upcoming Wolverine movie. It is the purported FIRST LOOK at the new movie. Well, OK, what…   Read Story »
In the weeks before The Dark Knight Rises came out, I rewatched the first two Christopher Nolan batman movies. It wasn't specifically on purpose. I'm not one of those fans who worries that he'll miss…   Read Story »
Normally, The Amazing Spider-Man would be a Videogum Movie Club selection, but it comes out on Wednesday, and also there's a weird cloud of disinterest that seems to be surrounding it. Or is that…   Read Story »
In brightest day, in blackest night, beware his power, Green Lantern's gay. #SomeHomo   Read Story »
As any young boy will tell you, one of the most appealing things about superheroes is the way they smell. Sure, we'd all love to have super-strength and the ability to fly and an invisible jet and a…   Read Story »
WELL?! WHAT DID YOU THINK?! I mean, I know you saw The Avengers this weekend. Your mom saw The Avengers this weekend. Let's put it this way: so many people saw The Avengers this weekend that if it…   Read Story »