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Did you know that Ed Westwick, AKA Chuck Bass, AKA no longer Blair's #1 for some dumb reason that I hate so much, is doing a Romeo and Juliet movie? I didn't! Here are some photos of him from the…   Read Story »
Leslie Knope's campaign slogan is perfect and I enjoy it a lot. Good job, Leslie Knope's campaign slogan! I'm going to miss Parks and Rec when it isn't on TV anymore! It's the best!…   Read Story »
For your consideration. HEADPHONES UP!   Read Story »
Here is a 15 minute supercut of a Star Trek character being continually told no and/or being made fun of. (Note to non-nerds: you do not need to be a nerd to enjoy this.)   Read Story »
Inspector Spacetime, the Doctor Who-y show that is referenced on the show that will maybe be back on NBC sometime, Community, is getting its own web series! Great? I don't know who is going to watch…   Read Story »
100 Nicolas Cage Quotes.   Read Story »
It's Valentine's Day, and you know what that means -- it's THE FINAL day for you to "print out" all of your tv-themed Valentine's and "hand them out" to your friends! And I think we're ending on an…   Read Story »
Haha, perfect. Cut and print. Green light. Start the presses! Out of all of them, my favorite Bond Intro is the one in the bottom row all the way to the left, because it gets right into it without…   Read Story »
NOM NOM NOM, right, Brad Pit? NOM NOM NOM.   Read Story »
Lionel Richie's "Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?" created with movie clips? Wave goodbye to the Internet as you knew it. Wave hello to the new Internet. "I'm just going to find a bunch of…   Read Story »