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Finally these pieces of garbage are worth watching!   Read Story »
The poster for Ruby Sparks was released today and the tagline is "She's out of his mind." Which is not a bad tagline for that movie! Someone did a fine job with that! -Vulture Jon Hamm is the most…   Read Story »
Here is a tumblr made of pictures of Downton Abbey with quotes from Beyonce and it's called "Downton Abbeyonce" and what more do you even want? -DowntonAbbeyonce Luckily people are still making…   Read Story »
This supercut of instances in which the twin towers of the World Trade Center appear in movies has been floating around all week. At first I was going to try and hold off on posting it for awhile,…   Read Story »
Natalie Portman cries so much! That's the premise of this supercut. It's a mashup of a bunch of scenes of Natalie Portman crying from a bunch of different movies, except for Black Swan, for some…   Read Story »