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NYTimes Magazine is calling Channing Tatum one of 2012’s Memorable Men. Look at the prestigious accompanying sketch! Channing, you've arrived. -FilmDrunk 'The Real Problem With Homeland' by…   Read Story »
Please read this article about 1/3 of the audience storming out of the Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie showing at Sundance. You will like it! -EW And the movie is apparently also available…   Read Story »
You can watch a selection of the short films that are playing at Sundance this week on-line. And then pretend you're at a gifting suite! Snowball fight with Penn Badgley! #Sundance…   Read Story »
Please take a look at these ultra-realistic Beavis and Butthead busts created by makeup effects artist Kevin Kirkpatrick. They are terrifying and very gross! Also, they are great and I love them, but…   Read Story »
Late last week and all through this weekend and also today and maybe tomorrow has been the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. I'm not exactly sure of the dates. What do I look like, some SUIT? Suits suck!…   Read Story »
Last chance, guys. You can still turn this thing around! Sorry about that. We all wish that we could go back to a time before we'd ripped our eyes out of their sockets and covered every square…   Read Story »
One of the coolest things** about the Sundance Film Festival is the celebrities! gifting suites! Excuse me, gifting chalets! MY APOLOGIES. The gifting chalets, of course, are where different…   Read Story »
I don't know what it is about the Sundance Film Festival, which started last Thursday and runs through this coming Sunday, but man, that place is teeming with jerks. I mean, I know that this is…   Read Story »
At Sundance this week, Spike Jonze is premiering a 30-minute short film about robots in love that he made in a partnership with Absolut vodka. Between this and the Zach ads, you have to admit that…   Read Story »
People complain about Sundance now that it's become such a mainstream, Hollywood event. It's just about partying, people say. It's no longer about celebrating independent film, people say. These gift…   Read Story »