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College Humor took the music out of Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" music video and the result is still a very good video (that video is very good).   Read Story »
J.D. Salinger's seminal portrait of teenage angst, The Catcher in the Rye, was released 62 years ago today. In it, the anti-hero Holden Caufield muses on the nature of art and literature: "What…   Read Story »
You have to hand it to Rebecca Black, whatever she lacks in talent or self-awareness she certainly makes up for in blunt confidence that somehow America is going to forget that she was an…   Read Story »
Just in time for the important holiday. Fire up the Taher Shah! "Don't you mean fire up the barbecue?" Oh, that too! Fire them both up, it is the summer time! (Via RatsOff!)   Read Story »
I can only imagine how hard this song was for D4NNY 2 write, but sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for your art, especially when it comes to banger summer jams like this one. Besides, you have…   Read Story »
Considering that the last two songs formed a darkly epic pair about the time that James killed Mike's mom and then shot Mike, it is nice to see the most violent rap beef in the game getting squashed…   Read Story »
Can someone please make a "deal with it GIF" style app where instead of a bit-mapped pair of sunglasses descending onto a Mr. Cool Face and then the words "Deal With It" appearing over an image, when…   Read Story »
A lot of blogs will make up some fake sports bracket and try to "scientifically" determine what is the best summer jam of the whole summer, ending with a 30,000 word parody in the voice of the Da…   Read Story »
"A new Krispy Kreme joint already? But "Stolen Bikes" just came out last week!!" That's you, because you aren't even on your grind. Not like these cool guys: You krispy for this one, Kreme.   Read Story »
For better or for worse, every single thing that has happened in your life so far is the culmination of an inextricable thread of an infinite number of decisions all of them inexorably linked into an…   Read Story »