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Just in case you thought M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening looked horrible, but might not be gross enough, red band trailer: I don't know why, but this red band trailer makes me laugh. "Claire?"…   Read Story »
Shit. SHIT YOU GUYS. I was just watching television, and an extended clip for What Happens in Vegas came on, and I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. What the fuck? Granted, this movie has a really great supporting…   Read Story »
If you haven't seen the documentary Capturing the Friedmans, you should. It's about a family in Great Neck, New York, patched together from home videos, after the father and one of the sons is…   Read Story »
Remember when Gary Coleman was finally getting married? Well it looks like there's trouble in paradise. The honeymoon is over. The bloom is off the rose. Other cliches about relationships falling…   Read Story »
I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who watches Paradise Hotel 2, but it's not my fault that you guys are bad at priorities and watching great stuff. Just kidding. Paradise Hotel 2 is the worst show.…   Read Story »