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The New York Times made a beautiful, short documentary about subway break-dancers, which you can watch after the jump. It is the kind of thing that makes you remember why you fell in love in the…   Read Story »
"Here I am, just minding my own business as we all do as I head to work and/or the store or whatever. Maybe I have my headphones on so that I can listen to some music during my commute. That always…   Read Story »
Remember that video yesterday of people tripping on subway stairs? The MTA has responded by fixing the stairs! Once again, the Internet ruins everything.   Read Story »
Ha ha! Maybe Mike Bloomberg (he's the mayor of New York, for those readers who live with their parents) should pass a decree (I know how mayors work) putting uneven stairs in every subway station.…   Read Story »
Have an honest discussion about something important with a friend. Learn how to make cold-brew coffee. Have a nice, simple dinner. Plan a trip to the beach. Clean your winter coats and put…   Read Story »
Imagine the most terrifying thing you could ever imagine. Are you doing it? I'll wait until you think of it, I know it's early. You there yet? Are you thinking of the possibility that a stranger will…   Read Story »
Even with the camera turned sideways, this is still better than Katy Perry's Jennifer Hudson's "tribute" at the Grammy's last night. That seemed a lot more like a tribute to Jennifer Hudson than…   Read Story »
Of course this hits the Internet two minutes after the Best Viral Videos of 2011 montage goes up. Oh well. THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. (Thanks for the tip, Gideon and Jane.)   Read Story »
As many performers will tell you, doing crowd work can be very difficult. Even a simple call-and-response question to an audience like, "How are you doing tonight, ladies and germs?," can be met with…   Read Story »
After the jump, I have posted a video of a man traveling on a New York subway with a pet rat on his shoulder who abruptly places the rat's head in his mouth, shakes the rat all around, and then…   Read Story »