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No matter how each of us may feel about being asked to Kickstart the stuff other people want to do, I think one thing we can all agree on is that StoryCorps is the best. So donate to their thing if…   Read Story »
It's called "A Family Man" and it's great.   Read Story »
Man oh man are the StoryCorps videos great. This is going to be the best/last year yet!   Read Story »
The 9/11 anniversary tributes are kind of exhausting! It's obviously an important and meaningful thing to a lot of people, but there's something about the way in which everyone has to have their take…   Read Story »
Is there anything better than a new Story Corps video? I mean, BESIDES kids krumping? No. Watch Miss Devine here.   Read Story »
How are these StoryCorps videos not a TV show? This should be a TV show! At this point, reality TV programming is such a calcified thing with its own rules and structures (and copious amounts of free…   Read Story »
The NPR StoryCorps project has started creating animated videos to illustrate their pieces, and they're really good. No sarcasmo. They're great. Watch them.   Read Story »