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Here is a photo of Avengers toys dressed up in the clothing of Star Wars toys. You can almost hear the cries of an older brother, "YOU RUINED THEM!!!" -/Film Meet the crew behind IFC's Comedy…   Read Story »
John Barrowman, AKA Jack Harkness from Torchwood and Doctor Who (AKA Dr. Who), got married yesterday. Congratulations, John Barrowman, AKA Jack Harkness from Torchwood and Doctor Who (AKA Dr.…   Read Story »
Dalek Pizza. Kind of? It looks like a blob to me. Blob pizza 4 nerds. -Nerdalicious Mitch Hurwitz admitted recently that there are a few (or maybe a lot of?) shots in the upcoming season of…   Read Story »
The New Yorker has a fun piece on the brainstorming session Steven Spielberg, Lawrence Kasdan, and George Lucas had to create the mythology of Indiana Jones. No word on how they came up with all that…   Read Story »
Recently on his show Last Leg, Australian comedian Adam Hills yelled at Joan Rivers for insulting Adele's weight on Letterman post-Oscars. It's good! Headphones up! -HyperVocal DC Pierson made…   Read Story »
"Who doesn't love winter citrus season?" -@SirPatStew Part Two of Between Two Ferns: Oscar Buzz Edition -FunnyOrDie Jimmy Kimmel takes a car ride with Kai the Hitchhiker -JimmyKimmelLive LL…   Read Story »
A bunch of outtakes from VF's January Comedy Issue, including this adorable shot of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner -VanityFair Oh God Adrien Brody What Are You Doing? -Gawker Best Week Ever is coming…   Read Story »
This is just a very dope picture of Neil deGrasse Tyson from back in the day. Look at those sideburns! -BlackBook "The Sad Off," in which Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway compete over who has…   Read Story »
Daniel Day Lewis is notorious for remaining constantly in character when he is on a movie set, such is his dedication to his craft and to the project at hand. Sure! I've never been on a movie set…   Read Story »
In this interview with Rolling Stone, Alia Shawkat talks about her upcoming film The Oranges as well as mostly just stuff about Arrested Development. U will like it. -RollingStone Universal…   Read Story »