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It is unclear whether or not Steven Seagal was actually put into a choke hold and forced to pee himself in front of the cast and crew on the set of Out For Justice. What is clear is that who cares if…   Read Story »
There's a trailer for Robert Rodriguez's fake-but-now-real-but-still-kind-of-fake movie Machete out today. Personally, I prefer when people make good movies by trying to make good movies (and bad…   Read Story »
Last week, Steven Seagal was accused of hiring executive assistants off of Craigslist to work as sex slaves. Now, two more women have come forward with similar accusations. Uh oh. But again, when you…   Read Story »
"How about this one?" Steven Seagal held a thin, salt and pepper fake moustache up to his lip and admired himself in a hand-mirror. "I think this one looks pretty good. Sharp. I look like a wise old…   Read Story »
In light of the recent accusations against Steven Seagal of hiring executive sex slaves off of Craigslist, the Jefferson Parish sheriff's department has suspended participation in his A&E show,…   Read Story »
As you have probably heard by now, Steven Seagal is being sued for one million dollars (that is hilarious) by a former personal assistant who claims that he employed sex slaves. Yikes. When you put…   Read Story »
Last night, Steven Seagal: Lawman premiered on A&E. The premise is that Steven Seagal, in addition to being a famous movie star (sort of, at this point) and an Aikido master, has spent the past 20…   Read Story »
Wait. Wait, wait, wait. You are telling me that for the past 20 YEARS, Steven Seagal has been working as a police officer in New Orleans IN BETWEEN FILMS? Haha. First of all, no. He hasn't. But…   Read Story »
Barack Obama may be the president-elect. America may have entered a new phase of democratic uplift. A renewed sense of urgency and patriotism may be sweeping through the hearts of so many who've felt…   Read Story »
Because we should always be striving to become better people through self-motivated education and personal growth, I want to leave you today with this piece of wisdom from Steven Seagal: The…   Read Story »