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Before we even get any further, let's answer the question: is Killer Karaoke hosted by Steve-O the best show of all time? No. The best show of all time is The Sopranos. (The Wire is a close…   Read Story »
You and your friends have a pact that your love lives are your own business. No judging allowed. Each of you understand that sometimes what can look on the outside like a sloppy doofus can be, deep…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: hi, kelly Kelly: How are you feeling? Gabe: pretty good Gabe: you? Gabe: type it Gabe: don't say it out loud Gabe: i am sitting in the same room with you today Kelly:…   Read Story »
If there are two TV things that everyone loves, hands down, no disagreement, they are singing competitions and shows where people get physically and emotionally hurt. So this new karaoke physical…   Read Story »
Steve-O, one of the more masochistic and exhibitionistic members of the Jackass team of masochistic exhibitionists, has been in rehab since March, working through his struggle with alcohol and drug…   Read Story »
"Because of you dude, I'm actually one of the most subscribed users on YouTube. Fifteenth most subscribed of all time." So gushes an apparently popular vlogger named Cory Williams to Steve-O on the…   Read Story »