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American Idol is "one of the most popular shows on American television." --Wikipedia So then what was Steve Martin doing on last night's season finale playing the banjo? Who wants this? Do you…   Read Story »
Wait! Don't look away just because the title suggests some sort of remix, mashup, or re-enactment of Christian Bale's freakout. I know we're all about to die of Christian Bale Mashup Fatigue. Last…   Read Story »
Steve Martin continued his Pink Panther 2 promotional rounds by appearing on Letterman last night, where he revealed that he was one of the passengers on US Airways flight 1549: Later, Steve…   Read Story »
Is it just me, or did Saturday's SNL seem aimed at our parent's generation? Aside from the digital short, pretty much 100% of the show was (gulp), kind of, um, "Dad-humor." Nobody loves Steve Martin…   Read Story »
I know Liz Lemon is supposed to be a cartoonish exaggeration of a single career woman, but from these two scenes from last night's 30 Rock, are we supposed to come away thinking Liz Lemon hates sex…   Read Story »
With just 20 days until the best comedy in the whole entire world comes back to TV to give us a reason to live other than the election, NBC premiered a new promo for the third season of 30 Rock last…   Read Story »