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Bill Murray and David Letterman shared a bit of holiday cheer on last night's episode of The Late Show. Click to watch the video of Bill's wild and crazy entrance. -CBS (image via…   Read Story »
As anticipated (by people who anticipate these kinds of things), The Sarah Silverman Program has been canceled. From DeadlineHollywood: It’s the end of the road for Comedy Central’s The Sarah…   Read Story »
Saturdays With Steve is a new weekly video "show" where Steve Agee (of The Sarah Silverman Program and being awesome) goofs off for hours with friends in front of a webcam and responds to comments in…   Read Story »
We all know who Steve Agee is, right? He's not superfamous (yet), but he's probably best known as Brian Posehn's boyfriend on The Sarah Silverman Show. Steve's really funny on that show, and also…   Read Story »
Dear Comedy Central and parent company MTV Networks, The internet is buzzing today about how you're slashing the budget for the not-even-officially-renewed-yet third season of The Sarah Silverman…   Read Story »