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While promoting White House Down, Channing Tatum and Joey King demonstrated their 45-second secret handshake and it is very cute and intense. Also Channing Tatum says that one of his biggest…   Read Story »
A few images from Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime movie Liz & Dick were released today. They look like what you'd think they look like! -Dlisted Here is a great supercut of one-point shots from…   Read Story »
Cyrus trailer, you guys: This looks kind of like an art house Step Brothers, and that is good news, because Step Brothers was great. I didn't see Step Brothers until it had already been on DVD for…   Read Story »
Step Brothers comes out on DVD today, and after trolling YouTube for a funny scene, I feel like I was kind of hard on the movie after seeing it in the theater (though not as hard as Roger Ebert).…   Read Story »
From Roger Ebert's Step Brothers review (via Vulture): Sometimes I think I am living in a nightmare. All about me, standards are collapsing, manners are evaporating, people show no respect for…   Read Story »
And it would probably be funny. Their new movie, Step Brothers, has a thin premise, no real conflict, and seems like a 50 million dollar excuse to put these two guys in the same room. And I say SO…   Read Story »
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have teamed up again for their new movie Step Brothers, and now you can have someone you've never met ask them a question. How exciting! Whoops, I meant How exciting?…   Read Story »
You know when you saw the "You know how I know you're gay?" extended scene special feature on The 40-Year-Old Virgin DVD and you thought "I could watch an entire movie of just these guys fucking…   Read Story »
From the guys who bring you a funny enough movie every three months starring two or more of the same group of ten actors, comes Step Brothers: the story of two losers who live with their parents and…   Read Story »