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Want to see how Disney animated such beautiful, snowy snow for Frozen? You can! If you watch this video! -/Film HBO might do a Napoleon (NOT Napoleon Dynamite) miniseries based on a script…   Read Story »
Our own Benny Cumbs is on the cover of Time! Want to watch a behind-the-scenes video of his photo shoot? He wears a nice suit in it, so that's something you might like to see. -Time Here is the…   Read Story »
This is Mark Hamill and the Rancor, whatever that is. /Film has the full-sized image, along with some Star Wars: Episode VII news. -/Film "An exceprt from 'Some Instructions To The New Guy…   Read Story »
Fans are leaving notes for Sherlock Holmes at a building in Smithfield, London, the significance of which is a spoiler if you have not watched Sherlock's second season. Guess what, fans! The stuff…   Read Story »
Recently on his show Last Leg, Australian comedian Adam Hills yelled at Joan Rivers for insulting Adele's weight on Letterman post-Oscars. It's good! Headphones up! -HyperVocal DC Pierson made…   Read Story »
And this isn't a joke, like "read the deleted final scene of The Shining" and then it's like, "INT. BATHROOM, (Extended fart noise.)" It's an actual final scene that Kubrick removed before it…   Read Story »
A few images from Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime movie Liz & Dick were released today. They look like what you'd think they look like! -Dlisted Here is a great supercut of one-point shots from…   Read Story »
The Shining might just be one of the best movies of all time. It might even be one of our favorite movies! We may have even written more than a few papers on it during our high school and college…   Read Story »
If you thought it was difficult before, it's now almost IMPOSSIBLE to tell which one is Turtle and which one is Gabe. -BWE Mad Men is streaming on Netflix right now! -Netflix WTF is going on with…   Read Story »
It's been awhile since we've had a good, or even just a decent Double Rainbow Guy mash-up. So, here we go. Still so intense.   Read Story »