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The cast of Cry-Baby reunited recently at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a screening and Q&A. Look at them! -BoyCulture What do you think is going to happen to Nick and Jess in season three…   Read Story »
OH SHI- (Via Gawker.)   Read Story »
This video would fit in well enough with what the Internet is trying to achieve no matter what, but what really makes it special and puts it over the edge is the fact that it was released in the…   Read Story »
Videogum commenter Chris Trash did an interview with Katherine Chloe Cahoon for MOBFD's Bookgum, currently reading her book The Single Girls Guide to Meeting European Men,  and it's PRETTY amazing.…   Read Story »
America faces many threats. We are currently engaged in two foreign wars, three if you include our incursion in Libya. Our economy struggles to recover from the devastating housing bubble burst of…   Read Story »
Squirrels with their heads stuck in yogurt cups is so 2000 and late. 2011 is all about raccoons with their heads stuck in peanut butter jars. Streets ahead. (Thanks for the tip, Evan.)   Read Story »
Live squirrel feed here. Beach house: check. Yogurt cups on heads: no check.   Read Story »
Oh jeez. SHUT IT DOWN. ALL OF IT.   Read Story »
I took a red eye airplane last night. Do you know what a red eye airplane is? It's an airplane that leaves very late at night and gets in even earlier in the morning, and if you're lucky, Cillian…   Read Story »
Here's a live video feed of a nest of youngish eagles! There's something about eagles in general that seems really boring and learny, probably because of the illustrations on American History…   Read Story »