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Believe me, we'd all love to bury our heads in our empty potato chip bags, refuse to let strangers help us out of them, and let the world pass by without us if only for one day. You have to…   Read Story »
Okay, so sometimes witnessing the innocence of childhood fills you with yearning, and sometimes... (Note: the relevant portion of this video ends at 2:40) Yin and yang or something like…   Read Story »
I've been trying to resist watching this very viral video of one baby squirrel's mission to get up a wall and the humans who helped him do it, all week, but my defenses just broke down. And, okay, I…   Read Story »
Waiter, there's a squirrel in my baseball game. Don't worry sir, the Mitchell Report on steroid abuse on the dinner roll will get him. What? GAME ON! Thanks for the tip, Randi.   Read Story »
My friend Chris sent me this: Squirrel Eats A Ritz Cracker To Huey Lewis's "If This Is It": We couldn't figure out what was so appealing about it. Is it a commentary on online videos and how…   Read Story »