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Bangs is coming strong with two spring jams back-2-back! AIR HORN SOUND EFFECT! This is obviously a hot...joint (?) but it does raise a pretty obvious question: WHO THE FUCK HATES BANGS? Haters…   Read Story »
When I was in LA last week I went to some bar and the DJ put on Bangs! But it was old Bangs. This is new Bangs. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, LOS ANGELES. You were wrong when you bought all those fedoras,…   Read Story »
Real blues music. Streets is peeing. (Via Robert Popper.)   Read Story »
Sometimes after a long, hard day throwing the football around, my future husband and I like to unwind with a vodka and scotch cocktail. Or, sometimes I just order up a half Canadian bacon with…   Read Story »
Admittedly, it might be a little too cold still to frolic in the spray of this fire hydrant, but I hope you can at least appreciate my enthusiasm. Now help me put these barricades up at either end of…   Read Story »
How are those ribs coming? Baste those ribs! (I'm pretending that we are at a barbecue and this is the song that is playing.) Who wants ribs?! (Thanks for the tip, Sean.)   Read Story »